The Lyceum Seating Plan

Lyceum theatre is one of the largest London Theatre with an astounding occupancy of 2100 and spread across three levels. Stalls is the nearest section the stage and you would be able to enjoy some of the finest views of the stage. If you want to be the part of actual action, as actors and puppets parade through the aisle then you must grab a seat in stalls section.

Seats in the Stall section are bit expensive as they give proximity to the stage. If you are looking for the best seats then you must opt for the middle section rather than the front rows. The second tier of the theatre is Royal Circle which also offers some amazing views of the stage. Tickets are quite less as compare to Stall section. Royal Circle is mainly categorised into three sections and offer great views of the stage. The highest level of Lyceum Theatre is Grand Circle with seats quite far from the stage. However, if you are looking for some great bargain then you will get affordable tickets.

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